Willkommen Milena Berlin

The publishing project Milena Berlin is opening with its first edition, 
the object/book Alcohol, from the poet Cristian Loaiza.

Milena Berlin is an emerging publishing project based in Berlin and 
Buenos Aires that publishes poets and writers based in Latin America 
and Europe. The concept of the project involves an active participation 
in the creative process between the publisher, poet and designer. 
The Milena Berlin concept of publishing low budget books found its 
beginnings in the independent project Milena Caserola in 
Buenos Aires Argentina.
For the book/object Alcohol we collected the small bottles of liquor that 
can be found in the streets of Berlin. These empty bottles have been 
transformed into a book by filling each bottle with one of the 45 pages 
that make up the poem. Alcohol is a fragmented poem in Spanish covering 
45 pages, which can be read in all directions. The bottles have been 
re-labeled with "book covers", including information of page and edition 
numbers, author, publisher, and design.
On the day of the exhibition, 7 bottled books will be presented and the 
band Chalkline Monsters will perform.
Tuesday, April 19th, 21:30 pm
Chalkline Monsters, 22:30
AltesFinanzamt, in Neukölln.
Schönstedtstr. 7 EG. (Courtyard Entrance)

Author: http://www.pig17.blogspot.com/

Poem, Alcohol: http://www.alcoholemas.blogspot.com/

Raum Projekt: http://altesfinanzamt.blogspot.com/

Publisher: http://milenaberlin.blogspot.com/

Designer: http://adriachilcote.com/ 

Music: http://www.myspace.com/chalklinemonsters

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